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Thessaloniki is a “terra incognita” for any traveler that seeks to reveal the many hidden stories behind a city’s contemporary daily life.

Historic monuments, city neighborhoods, busy streets, open squares, vivid markets, the city’s waterfront, and many more, are all elements that mould Thessaloniki’s unique identity, and reveal stories of a vibrant city of the past, the present and the future.







Thessaloniki offers an interesting variety of archaeological and cultural sites, landmarks and features
• Classical & Roman Period ruins
• Monuments of Byzantine Culture (UNESCO World Heritage Sites)
• Landmarks of the city’s important Jewish community
• Ottoman public and religious monuments from the city’s Ottoman Period
• Traditional Flee Markets
• Unique Waterfront & a ‘cultural’ Port
• Open Squares & Meeting Points
• Diverse Culinary Tradition


30 museums in total offer to any visitor a journey history, art and different themes through the ages
• Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
• Museum of Byzantine Culture
• City Museum – White Tower
• State Museum of Contemporary Art
• Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art
• Telloglion Foundation of the Arts AUTh
• Thessaloniki Museum of Photograpy
• Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki
• Contemporary Art Centre of Thessaloniki
• Folklore and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia & Thrace
• Museum of the Macedonian Struggle





Thessaloniki offers a wide range of experiences for the modern traveler at a fraction of the cost compared to other European cities. Without any compromisein quality, the visitor can easily transfer, visit sites, enjoy the culinary tradition or even shop at numerous spots all around the city. Moreover, the perfect June weather allows for extensive city discovery. Warm, completely sunny days and mild nights offer the perfect combination to enjoy the most of the city. Indicatively:

• Transportation: Local Bus ticket costs €0.80 for a single ride! Day tickets cost €4. A taxi ride from the city centre to the Concert Hall or the City’s fortifications is about €4-6.

• Food: Thessaloniki is probably one of the best Mediterranean destinations to enjoy exceptional cuisine in affordable prices. There are hundreds of taverns everywhere in the city; in cobblestone alleys, along the waterfront, in open-air gardens that offer a wide range of Greek delicacies and spirits. Lunch including wine or ouzo will cost approximately €10-15. For those interested in savouring a gourmet Greek dish, there are also high end restaurants to satisfy the most demanding customer. Lunch in such a restaurant will cost approximately €15-25. Greek street food is all around the city. A Gyros is an absolute must-eat delicacy and costs no more than €3.

• Miscellaneous: Convenience kiosks are located literally everywhere in the city and will provide visitors with all they made need during their day. Indicatively, a bottle of water costs €0.50, refreshments and chocolate bars are €1. Coffee drinking becomes a whole new experience in one of the numerous cafes of the city. An espresso costs €1-2 and a cappuccino is about €3. Summer nights in Thessaloniki are very lively. Locals and tourists meet in open air bars and enjoy the warm weather. A bottle of beer costs approximately €3-4.Summer nights in Thessaloniki are very lively. Locals and tourists meet in open air bars and enjoy the warm weather. A bottle of beer costs approximately €3.





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