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In the framework of the Conference parallel events we have organized visits to two of the most emblematic technical works in the region.

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Metro of Thessaloniki

Technical Tour: Thessaloniki Metro

The construction of the Thessaloniki Metro started in June 2006. The idea of an underground railway for Thessaloniki was first put forward by Ernest Hébrard, in the framework of the redesign of the city back in the early 1920s after the great fire of 1917. The first phase of the project consists of 9.6 km of underground line (with two independent single track tunnels), 13 stations and a depot at the southeast end of the line.

Most of the line (7.7 km) has been constructed by means of two Tunnel Boring Machines while the remaining section of the line is constructed with the Cut and Cover method.

Recently, excavations have revealed unique archaeological findings dated back to the Byzantine era, including a significant 75m long and 5.5m wide main axis of Thessaloniki, Decumanus Maximus road, paved with marble and with rectangular stone slabs.

Egnatia Highway

Technical Tour: Egnatia Odos

Egnatia Odos Highway (Greek: Εγνατία Οδός, often translated as Via Egnatia, code: A2) is the Greek part of the European route E90. It is a motorway in Greece that extends from the western port of Igoumenitsa at the Ionian Sea to the eastern Greek-Turskish border at Kipoi. It runs a total of 670 km (420 miles).

Constructed along unfavorable seismotectonic and geological environment and often abruptly changing mountainous topography, it consists a challenging engineering project and a natural earthquake engineering laboratory with 76 tunnels (with a combined length of 99 km / 61.5 miles) and 1,650 bridges.

Specifically in this tour, we will move some 100 km west – with a 50 seated coach bus – and pass through multiple tunnels and bridges, while enjoying an exceptional view of the Vermio and Pieria mountains and of the artificial lake of Aliakmonas river. In that Egnatia Motorway section, we will cross over tens of long tunnels and very tall bridges, built over steep ravines, by innovative construction methods. One of the important Greek motorway bridges, the G12 ravine bridge, located over a steep ravine in Vermio mountain some 450 m long and 80m tall, with its central span 150m long, built by balanced cantilevering method, is selected for technical visit. We will walk inside and along its impressive box beam internal inspection gallery. Technical information on the bridge design and construction will be presented on site. A technical brochure on bridges of Egnatia Motorway will be given to attendants, while during the tour a technical guidance on the most important structures (bridges, tunnels and geotechnical works) will be given as wel

  •  Due to the limited number of places for this tour you are advised to book early in advance in order to secure your participation.
  •  In the case that the minimum participation is not reached those who have paid will receive a refund.

Online Registration is now closed.

You can book all events and tours on-site at the Events & Tours Booth located at the M1 entrance hall.

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