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Thessaloniki is sourrounded by many kinds of getaways, both of archeological and natural interest, ideal for day and ½ day trips.


The royal tombs of Ancient Macedonia, the kingdom of Alexander the Great

The Ancient Capital of Macedonia, Aegea, nowadays known as Vergina, hosts the Royal Tomb of KIng Philipp II of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great. This major archaeological site consists of a monumental palace, lavishly decorated with mosaics and painted stuccoes, and the burial grounf with more than 300 tumuli, some of which date from the 11th century B.C. The Museum of Vergina is also a unique museological experience, as its exhibition consists of the burial sites in situ and artefacts exhibited on the same underground level.


A Macedonian Hellenistic exemplar urban unit and commerce centre

Pella was the capital of the Macedonian State from the early 4th century BC and it is considered one of the most organized urban units of ancient Macedonia evolved on the Hippodamean system of urban design. The city and its Agora was considered an important commerce centre that gathered the entire productive activity of Pella and its surrounding regions. The archaeological site is unique for depicting the urban architecture of the city, a typical ancient Greek house type with a peristyle courtyard, along with a significant palace complex and well preserved mosaic decoration of extra-ordinary beauty.










The sacred city in the foothills of Olympus, the Mountain of the Gods & Muses

Dion, the sacred city of the Macedonians, lies on the foothill of Mount Olympus. A sanctuary founded in the 5th century BC, is dedicated to the father of Gods, Zeus, and was respectively as important for Macedonians as ancient Olympia for Southern Greece. Inside and outside the walls, one can see the remains of residential houses, baths, the Odeon and a Christian basilica, exquisite sanctuaries and the earliest existing theatre in Macedonia. Mount Olympus,the land of antiquity’s gods, reveals to visitors its unparallel natural beauty and the reason for being chosen as a divine destination.


The monastery community

An Orthodox spiritual centre since 1054, Mount Athos has been an autonomous state since Byzantine times and a forbidden territory to women and children. Having inspired art for hundreds of years, the layout of the monasteries (about 20 of which are presently inhabited by some 1,400 monks) had an influence as far as in the Russian art scene, and its school of painting influenced the history of Orthodox art. Each of these monasteries safeguards Byzantine and late-Byzantine relics whose religious and historical value is immeasurable.










One of the most interesting sites of the country

A Roman colony, with a theatre and a forum, that was located on the Egnatian way, the primary road across Macedonia. A cosmopolitan city, Phillipi, blended Greek and LAtin traditions; excavations have brought to light three basilicas, which remind us of Apostle Saint Paul's first preach ever on European soil.


550 km of natural beauty coastline

Approximately 550 klm of coast line, easily approached, and hills with rich fauna and flora, here one can enjoy the combination of amazing blue sea and green of the land at a distance less than a two hour drive.











A Monastery Complex in a unique natural landscape

A complex of monasteries on natural sandstone rock pillars, a unique natural landscape, a geological phenomenon, and a Unesco World Heritage site, a point of reference for orthodox religion.


Greek wines are raising high in the preference of wine lovers all over the world, and there are well known wine varieties in the area of Northern Greece, which are well organized in offering tours and wine tasting.


Hiking, mountain biking, canoe-kayak and other activities are offered at a lake at a distance of 250 km southwest of Thessaloniki. The lake, named Plastera is well known for the crystal clear water surrounded by pinewoods.





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