S Special Sessions

Special Sessions are dedicated to important topics related to earthquake engineering and engineering seismology research and practice that complement the topics of the main sessions.
Of particular importance is the presentation and panel discussion on cutting-edge research activities and best practices in Europe and worldwide in earthquake engineering, risk assessment, and management.

Please submit your abstract to a special session here

(organized by Lanmin Wang, Sun Baitao, Jian-Min Zhang, Lu Xilin, K. Pitilakis, A. Pavese, G. Tsionis)
(organized by International & Local Authorities)
(organized by P. Bisch, A. Correia)
(organized by P-Y. Bard, F. Hollender, O.J. Ktenidou)
(organized by G. Senfaute, C. Durouchoux)
(organized by O.S. Bursi, F. Paolacci)
(organized by F. Wenzel, M. Koller)
(organized by K. Mackie, A. Kappos)
(organized by P. Clemente, G. Benzoni)
(organized by D. Vamvatsikos, C. Adam, D. Lignos)
(organized by E. Miranda, T. Sullivan, C.S. Oliveira, M. Lopes)
(organized by M. DeJong, E. Dimitrakopoulos, M. Fragiadakis, M. Vassiliou)
(organized by A. Giaralis, A. Taflanidis)
(organized by H. Sucuoğlu, M. Calvi)
(organized by M. Di Ludovico, C. Del Vecchio)
(organized by A. Sextos, F. Cavalieri, S. Argyroudis)
(organized by C. Spyrakos, M. Corradi)
(organized by S. Cattari, G. Magenes, P.B. Lourenço)
(organized by E. Vintzileou, F. Da Porto, H. Varum, P. Ricci)
(organized by P. Negro, A. Marini)
(organized by V. Silva/GEM)
(organized by Krijgsman, J. White, I.E. Bal, E. Smyrou)
(organized by N. Makhoul, S. Argyroudis, Μ.P. Limongelli, J. Lee)
(organized by the Local Organising Committee)


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