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The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) is the largest university in Greece. It was founded in 1925, during the first Hellenic Republic and the initiative taken by the government of Alexandros Papanastasiou, thus becoming the second university in Greece. The main campus is located in the heart of the city center, and covers an area of about 33.4 hectares. It comprises 10 faculties which consist of 40 schools and 1 single-School faculty.

With approximately 74,000 students (65,000 in undergraduate programmes and more than 8,500 in postgraduate programmes) and 2,000 faculty members Aristotle University (AUTh) is the largest university in Greece and one of the largest in Europe, serving almost all scientific and engineering disciplines.

AUTh is widely recognized as a vibrant center of continuous learning which draws its inspiration from a long tradition of academic achievement. This can be underpinned, among others, by the fact that so much in science, as in the arts and divinity, medicine and technology, it prides itself in its international outlook.

Many members of the academic personnel have strong and lasting links and cooperations with reputable Universities in Europe, United States, Japan, Central America, Australia, New Zealand and recently with China. It has been actively participating in Erasmus Programme, since 1987, accounting approximately one fourth of the total Erasmus mobility in Greece.


Faculty of Engineering | School of Civil Engineering

Thirty years after the founding of the University, the Faculty of Engineering was founded in 1955. The School of Civil Engineering was the first to open its doors.

Since then, it plays a key role in civil engineering and in particular in earthquake engineering research, policy making, preparedness and seismic risk mitigation. It is considered among the best Civil Engineering Departments in the world (rating 50-100, according to the 2013 QS World Ranking).



The Research Unit of Soil Dynamics and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (SDGEE) of the School of Civil Engineering of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece, has a long and worldwide-recognized expertise and know-how in many topics of earthquake engineering, soil dynamics, engineering seismology, microzonation studies, site effects, vulnerability and risk assessment of buildings and infrastructures, lifelines and cultural heritage monuments. Since 1985 it has participated in many European and national research projects including SYNER-G, EUROSEISRISK, EUROSEISMOD, EUROSEISTEST as coordinator, and SERA, EPOS, HELPOS, STREST, SHARE, SIBYL, REAKT, SERIES, NERA, PERPETUATE, SAFELAND, 3HAZ, CORSEIS, NEMISREF, LESSLOSS, RISK-UE, MERP as major partner. SDGEE is operating a unique, in European and International level, large experimental facility for earthquake engineering and engineering seismology studies, namely the EUROSEISTEST (http://euroseisdb.civil.auth.gr). Equipped with excellent laboratory and in-situ equipment, it is capable of performing advanced in-situ geophysical surveys, laboratory tests, structural monitoring studies and all kind of geotechnical and structural analyses of complex structures like for example the seismic design of stations of the Metro of Thessaloniki. It has also established solid cooperation links with numerous research institutes all over the world.






The postgraduate program on Sustainable Design of Structures Against Earthquake and other Natural Hazards is among the emblematic post-graduate programs of the Civil Engineering Department of Aristotle University. Established in mid 1990 it gained through the years a world recognized prestige proved by the numerous graduates who now hold important positions in the academia and the private sector all over the world.






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