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Thessaloniki Concert Hall

The Thessaloniki Concert Hall carries the name of a radiant city and adorns it with a unique edifice. The purpose of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall construction was to provide a contemporary cultural and conference center of international standards with the capacity to host various events, including concerts, ballet, theatre and opera, cultural and art expositions and conferences. It was thus designed as a building that would satisfy all the requirements for this purpose as well as becoming a landmark for the city.

The Thessaloniki Concert Hall was built along the coast of the city in an area of 18.000 sq. m. Since its inception in 2000, it has recorded numerous successful productions, ranging from music concerts and operas to opening ceremonies and international conventions.

The Thessaloniki Concert Hall has risen to a major component of the city’s economic and cultural vitality, creative ever-growing perspectives. The architecture of Thessaloniki Concert Hall’s main building has been entirely harmonized with the history of Thessaloniki, combining elements from its byzantine past as well as from its contemporary cosmopolitan role. At the same time, the second building M2 is designed by the renowned architect Arata Isozaki and adorns the city with a unique construction that epitomizes the virtues of modern architecture. Geometrical lines, extended glass surfaces and elements of steel compose an image of imposing simplicity, that comes as an antithetic, yet equivalent complement to the neighboring main building.

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