kp2On behalf of the Hellenic Society of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, I have the great pleasure to invite you to the 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering (16thECEE), to be organized in Thessaloniki, Greece between 18-21, June, 2018.

In the light of the previous successful conferences we have committed ourselves to deliver a well-tailored and focused event of the highest scientific and organizational standards in a vibrant and friendly city renowned for its beauty, its warm hospitality and history, spanning more than 2000 years.

We are working hard to organize the conference around a breadth of state-of-the-art scientific topics. In Thessaloniki, earthquake and geotechnical engineers, geologists and seismologists from all over the world will find an excellent forum to exchange ideas, share knowledge and discuss the most recent advances in soil dynamics, structural earthquake and geotechnical engineering, up to the boundaries of geology and engineering seismology. Distinguished Invited keynote lecturers will present recent and ongoing developments, addressing unresolved issues and projecting ideas for the future. Workshops and round table discussions will also be carefully organized on selected topics of particular engineering and societal interest to broaden the horizons of the earthquake engineering community and to reinforce international cooperation links.

A varied and colorful schedule of activities will be made available to participants and accompanying persons before, during and after the conference to providing opportunities to experience the great culture, high quality touristic service and the magnificent natural beauty of Greece and Thessaloniki: a city where everything is within walking distance. You will have the chance to savour the renowned Greek hospitality, the pleasant weather and exquisite food, the beautiful nearby beaches and mountains. In a place where you find history around every corner, the unique archaeological sites and cultural events will certainly give you the opportunity to combine professional interests with a taste of the Greek way of life.

We are sure that you will find participation in 16th ECEE professionally rewarding, scientifically stimulating and personally enjoyable. We look forward to welcoming you to Thessaloniki in June 2018.


Kyriazis Pitilakis

Chairman of 16ECEE



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For any further questions regarding the 16ECEE please contact.

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